In order to give you a complete and proper quote we will need to know a few things about your project. You mail email your RFQ (Request For Quote) to the address below:

1) What is the flat or open size of your job?

2) What is the finished, or closed size of your job?

3) What type of paper would you like?

4) How much color is on your job? Is it full color, one or two? Does it print on both sides of the paper?

5) Is this a multipage job? Does it need stapling or bindery?

6) How many pieces do you need a quote on?

7) Provide a description of the job:

8) What is the due date or need in hand date for the job?

9) Whats type of file will you provide or do you need help with design?

Please email your complete RFQ to ad be sure an include your name, company name, and best contact phone number.

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